Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Picture book presentation SCBWI Carolinas

As promised to those who went to my presentation on picture books at the SCBWI Carolinas conference, I am including some of the info from my talk here. I was going to put my entire Power Point up, but I worry about people distributing it and it's really just meant for the people who attended to get anything they missed. I figured this would mostly be all the links at the end, since the rest of the slides didn't have tons of text. 

If you attended and missed anything else, please write me in the comments section.

Picture book set-up: http://inkygirl.com/storage/pdfs/picturebooks/ThumbnailsForSS-v9flat.pdf

Making a dummy:  http://www.ochiltreebooks.com/assets/pdf/fwapicturebookdummy.pdf 

My last slide (Questions and Closing):

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  1. Great! Thanks for following through. Enjoyed it!

  2. Thank you for posting these! I enjoyed your presentation at the conference. It was also great to chat with you for a few minutes!