Wednesday, October 16, 2013

And the finalists are...

Thank you everyone for participating today and posting your pitches! I have selected three entries completely at random. You'll find the finalist's entries below. Take a look and vote for your favorite using the poll at the bottom of the page. Polling is open until 9am Monday, October 21st.  1 vote per person please and anyone can vote, regardless if you entered the contest or not!

Congratulations finalists, Shaylene King, Wendy Brant and Kathleen S. Allen!!!

On a side note, I will be reviewing all the pitches and making requests. I will reply directly to your post, so keep an eye out tomorrow to see if your entry was requested :) 

Shaylene King
MG Humor
38,500 words

American Idol meets the Bible in this modern retelling of the book of Esther as re-imagned through quirky tweenager Libery Lane O'Shea. Instead of an ancient beauty pagent, it's a cut throat singing competition and Liberty must decide between standing for truth and losing or minding her own business and winning.

Wendy Brant
YA Dystopian Romance

Spunky but naïve Ember and her desperate but cute hired guide, Finn, embark on a quest across the no-longer-united United States to find Ember's missing family. Their challenges while traveling through regions of stubborn extremism teach them a whole lot about themselves, and certainly a little something about love.

Kathleen S. Allen
YA historical

When her pirate mother returns to claim her, seventeen year old servant, Jenny is not interested in being trained as a pirate. Jenny’s refusal triggers the destruction of her village, so Jenny has no choice but to either go with her mother or flee.

Which pitch is your pick?

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  1. no longer united....sounds thought provoking and certainly worth a read.